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The Community Garden is a wonderful addition to our neighborhood. Located on Folsom Ave, near the intersection at Thurman, the Community Garden covers six lots and includes raised beds, an Orchard and a Prairie Garden. It began with the desire of a few families wanting more space to grow vegetables than their back yards allowed. With the help of a grant from Gateway Greening, twelve garden beds were installed in the spring of 2009. Now in its sixth growing season, the number has increased to 42 beds tended by over 40 gardeners from 30 households. The Community Garden is so much more than a place to grow fruit and vegetables; it has brought together people from all over the neighborhood and has become the focal point for building our community.

What makes a garden a Community Garden?  Members of the community working together at a common site and sharing the work needed to keep the garden thriving.  Individuals and families have their own beds and choose what to grow.  Members share tasks like watering and maintaining the paths and common areas. But the garden is for the enjoyment of all, not just members. It’s a great spot to include in an evening walk, sit and read a book, watch birds, or admire flowers. The garden also hosts a number of social events each year; so be sure to check the events page for activities.

The Community Garden welcomes new members. Please contact Tracy Bucholz at:

The Orchard is one feature that makes our Community Garden unique among most community gardens in St. Louis.  The Botanical Heights Neighborhood Association was awarded a grant in 2010 from the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation in an on-line voting competition sponsored by Edy’s Fruit Bars.  The grant was one of only 25 awarded across the entire country! We are grateful to everyone who voted for us and made our winning possible. The orchard includes 31 fruit trees (apple, pear, plum, peach, cherry, and persimmon) and 22 berry bushes (blackberry and raspberry), which were planted in October 2010. We harvested our first small fruit crop in the summer of 2012, and production has increased markedly every year since.

Added in 2011, the Prairie Garden is the newest addition to our Community Garden. The garden, which fronts the sidewalk on Folsom Ave., features native ornamental plants and was another gift from Gateway Greening.

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